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Clique Solar provides solar concentrator based systems for industrial process heating, mass cooking and air-conditioning applications. Clique Solar has two main products: Arun 100 and Arun 160. They differ in collector area and therefore in capacity.

Arun 100 has a dish with a 104 sq. metres of collection area and Arun 160 has a dish with a 169 sq. metres of collection area. The 104 sq. metres of collection area has a peak daily energy output of 400,000 kCal (equivalent to effective saving of 60 liters of fuel or 500 kWh electrical energy units). The 169 sq. metes dish has a peak daily energy output of 700,000 kCal (equivalent to effective saving of 100 liters of fuel or 800 kWh electrical energy units)

Clique Solar also has ARUN15 – a parabolic trough based system for hot water generation – specifically targeted at hotels, hospitals & large residential communities. It has a 15 sq.m. aperture area with a 40,000 kcal output per day.

Unique Sales Proposition

The company has four areas of technological advantages a) Optics b) Tracking c) Receiver d)Integration System. Optics, tracking, receiver and integration scheme are the four most crucial components in any solar concentrator system.

  • Optics of ARUN is based on the Fresnel concept, allowing simplicity in structure, while maintaining maximum accuracy.
  • Automatic two-axis tracking allows it to capture maximum posible sunlight in a day compared to other solar technologies.
  • The receiver is designed to withstand high temperatures and minimize losses.
  • Clique Solar is particularly skilled in integrating ARUN with a variety of industrial processes.

One additional advantage of its products is that its use of land is lower. The land area required is 10 sq. metres and the dish itself is placed about 18 metres above the ground. This means that the ground area required is not large and the land can be utilized for other applications (such as landscaping in hotels).

Customer Segment Customers Location
Hotels ITC Maurya Delhi
Office Building TVS Group Chennai
Office Building NTPC Greater Noida
Industries - Automobile Mahindra Pune
Industries - Dairy Chitale Dairy Sangli
Mahanand Dairy Latur

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Abhishek D Bhatewara
Clique Solar 149, BCD, First Floor,Govt. Industrial Estate, Charkop Village Naka,
Near Anand Mangal Hall, Kandivali (west )
Mumbai - 400 066
Maharashtra, India.
Tel Nos.: +91 22 2860 9011/2/3/4


Products & Services

Thermax has a range of products covering key technologies in the solar thermal area. The SolPac™ NI30, which requires no tracking and can be fixed or flat or inclined roofs, caters to heating applications up to 120°C for industrial as well as commercial applications. Other solar thermal applications include The SolPac™ D160, a 16m2 parabolic dish, the SolPac™ C50, a parabolic solar dish cooking system and the SolPac™ P60, a 6.8 m2 solar parabolic trough.

The company also offers products in the PV and CPV area.

Thermax also offers industry leading VAMs and heat pumps.

Unique Sales Proposition

Business-to-business solutions from Thermax help a broad range of 44 industries in over 50 countries, become energy efficient and eco-friendly.

The company provides essential utilities, viz. heating, cooling, water treatment, chemicals and power, for industrial production. Their boilers and heaters use a wide range of fuels including biomass and industrial waste heat and gases; CFC-free absorption chillers that run on steam, hot water and exhaust gas to save costly power; power plants and co- generation systems that also make use of waste heat recovery equipment that optimize energy use in the production process.

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Deepak Thakur,
Head Corporate Solar Group

V Venkatasubramanian
Deputy Manager, Corporate Solar Group
Thermax House,
14 Mumbai Pune Road
Pune - 411003 India
Tel: +91 80 66051324, 91 9890971601 (cell)
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